Year 2013.

It is all about the songs. And their internal message.

The song ‘Hey Hey Hey Hey’ was just born in Tornado’s mind. Other snippets also emerged from the same wave of inspiration. They include the titles ‘Bring Back Rock’n Roll’ and ‘Far Side’. That initial moment lead us to the present day.  

The great thing about a moment of creation is that you are likely dealing with serendipity and it made an appearance in this instance. When you get right down to it, your own style shows through and evolves, says Tornado. 

An old Karelian love spell…and from this the riff took off – and then the lyrics. ’Karelian Magic’ turned out to be a fairly personal love song with a universal theme; every man that loves a woman knows what it feels like to be under her spell.

’Karelian Magic’ was released with a music video directed by Saku Petteri Perintö from Lumifilms. The video is a modern fast paced brain twister. It was widely appraised around the world and also on YouTube.

‘Karelian Magic’ became the song the band is known for, however there’s more to Gentle Savage. You can sense from ’Honey Bunny’… that it’s a bit of a tongue-in-cheek good vibes Rock tune. The Classic Hard Rock song has a sing-along chorus and zany lyrics to put a smile on your face. 

As the world was knocked for six by the COVID-19 pandemic with its wide spread negative impacts, Gentle Savage leaned on modern music management and its measures, with nothing else to be done. On 23rd May they did their first live stream ever. It was a huge success – leading to plans to do it again soon. Observing the live stream recording a few days after the performance, the band realized ‘Far Side’ fits even better in this world situation than when it was originally released. The band then decided to remix and remaster the live recording and release it as a single.  

The choice to launch a previously released song was also for other reasons: to showcase the live talents of Gentle Savage’s new line up and give people not able to attend their concerts the chance to experience their live spirit and atmosphere. 

Gentle Savage spent the summer of 2020 in the studio; writing, rehearsing and recording, like many other artists this year. 

July’s studio sessions gave birth to the missing songs they needed for the album. ’Run run poor boy’ will be the first single released. It could be an independent sequel to the band’s previous work, like a narrative of what could have happened to the characters in the songs today. ’Run Run Poor Boy’ is a raw and heavy song, something you wouldn’t expect from Gentle Savage in contrast to their previous material.This new single shows something about the band’s new direction.

Autumn 2020 – Conclusion

Seven years is a surprisingly short time – or can be considered a long time, depending on how you feel. The band has found a characteristic sound that they are honing more precisely, especially in live shows. The band is now in its final form – a five-member line-up. The first gigs are completed, a great performance at the Goat Hill Festival fresh in the memory. When the world returns to normal post-COVID-19, Gentle Savage will hit the stage more regularly. 

The band releases their debut album in February 2021. With two upcoming singles and two videos the band feels comfortable to say that without distractions, everything seems to get ready for the ‘big day’.




Gentle Savage is


Tornado Bearstone, vocals and guitar

Jay B, drums and backing vocals

Tim O`Shore,  guitar and backing vocals

Vance Bead, bass and backing vocals

Theo van Boom, keyboards and backing vocals