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GENTLE SAVAGE Forced To Postpone Debut Album 'Midnight Waylay' Release Date!GENTLE SAVAGE, due to the current Covid pandemic are forced to postpone their debut album 'Midnight Waylay' release to later this Spring. The album was scheduled to come out at the end of...

YNAMW Official Lyric Video

"YNAMW (You Never Ask Me Why) started out as a funny triplet feel guitar riff with sound effects of whipping and wicked screaming. The first idea was to write a song with the feel of a Clint Eastwood type of a Western movie. While being on a sick leave, vocalist...

New Lyric Video Out Now!

Happy New Year 2021! New lyric video for our song 'You Never ask Me Why' is out on our YouTube channel. REMEMBER to SUBSCRIBE! Vocalist Tornado on the song: 'YNAMW (You Never Ask Me Why) started out as a funny triplet feel guitar riff with sound effects of whipping...

Happy New Year Everybody!

We thank you for your support and wish you the BEST for the year 2021! Exiting things are coming up and our new year promise is; We promise to work as hard we can for YOU to keep you satisfied! Cheers and have a GOOD NEW YEAR'S EVE PARTY and remember to blast our...

New single OUT NOW!

YNAMW (You Never Ask Me Why) is out on every major streaming service. Stream the song here!

Single Release party on Dec 28th!

Gentle Savage throws a single release party on Monday December 28th. See more HERE! You can join the party on Facebook or here at the official website. Merry Christmas everyone and see you on Monday!!!

Santa Claus jams with Gentle Savage!

Last year when Santa Claus could still travel, he visited Bearstone Ranch and it turned out that he is a DRUMMER! Gentle Savage had a jam with Santa, no rehearsals, just jamming;) See video HERE. Merry Christmas everyone!

YNAMW (You Never Ask Me Why) single Out on Dec 28th!

Gentle Savage releases their new single on December 28th. Lead vocalist Tornado on the single: As a composition YNAMW is somewhere between Gentle Savage’s songs Run Run Poor Boy and Karelian Magic. It has a melodic chorus that gives a good contrast to the quite bold...


Somethings going on in the Savage camp. See what's behind the letters YNAMW. Lead vocalist Tornado Bearstone explains the situation. See more here.