Kuopio Finland 2013.

The song ‘Hey Hey Hey Hey’ was just born in Tornado’s mind. Shortly after, Vance heard the song. That moment started the events that lead us to the present day. The line-up didn’t take shape right away, nor did the music.

Hey Hey Hey Hey was followed by ‘Bring Back Rock’n Roll’ and ‘Far Side’. A mobile studio was brought to the Bearstone Ranch and these songs were recorded with Janne Tolsa from Note on Studio. As a result  ‘Introduction‘ EP was born.

However, as a songwriter, Tornado was looking for something more. The great thing about the moment of creation is that you may be dealing with serendipity. Even this time, it made its appearance.

An association brought to mind an old Karelian love spell. The riff began to spin – then came the lyrics. ‘Karelian Magic’ turned out as a fairly personal love song with one universal theme; every man who loves a woman knows what it feels like being under her spell.

In terms of style Karelian magic is what Tornado is after.  There are some good points to a slightly lengthy production process. The band was able to find their sound in peace. They also got together with producer Timo Kämäräinen and mixing engineer Jesse Vainio. With their contribution, Gentle Savage reaches their unique sound. The band was currently in its five-member form, Theo and Tim as its newest members.

‘Karelian Magic’ was released with a music video directed by Saku Petteri Perintö from Lumifilms. The video is a modern fast pace brain twister. It was widely noticed around the world and it’s been praised a lot on YouTube too.

However, Gentle Savage is not only about ‘Karelian Magic’. Same session also gave rise to another song called ‘Honey Bunny‘… a bit tongue-in-cheek kind of a good vibes Rock tune.
This Hard Rock song has a sing-along chorus and zany lyrics that may put a smile on your face. 

It was time to welcome the new decade and start the ’20s with this single release.´Honey Bunny´  was released on Jan 16th and at the same time a music video production was launched.

As the world was struck by COVID-19 virus with it’s blood seizing impacts on music business, Gentle Savage begun to work even harder. Utilizing  modern music management and knowledge they started  entertaining their fans with  live streams and dug deeper into the essence of the music business.  Writing and filming new material Gentle Savage  was ready for the future events stronger and more prepared than ever.

Spring / summer 2020 was busy time for Gentle Savage. They wrote and recorded songs for the upcoming debut album and played a live stream show in the first wave of artists doing so. On august 13th 2020 Gentle Savage released a live version of their song ‘Far Side‘. It was purely released to show the live ability of the new line up.

On October 9th 2020 it was time to release a song called ‘Run RunPoor Boy‘, a heavy song that musically combines Blues, Psychedelic Rock and Heavy Rock. If you mash-up ROBERT JOHNSON, JIMI HENDRIX and BLACK SABBATH you might get close to this feel. The result is a very catchy and rhythmic ‘ear worm’, a song you instantly remember.

 Later that year Gentle Savage released one more single called YNAMW (You Never Ask Me Why) that remains one of the most popular songs so far.

Due to the pandemic, there was still not much more to do in 2021 than to write new music and to release a few more singles and videos. Those singles were Lovin’ Ain’t Easy, Personal Hades and Livin’ It Up

On Friday June 17 2021 it was finally time to release MIDNIGHT WAYLAY,  their debut full length album. To celebrate the this, the band threw a release party on June 18 at Maxim Theatre, Kuopio. This show called ‘Streaming For Vengeance‘,  was done in collaboration with Bravewords and it was streamed worldwide. 

The rest of the year 2021 was used promoting the Midnight Waylay album in collaboration with several media outlets and promotional companies such as ForMusicBrasil. Now in the beginning of 2022, it looks like Gentle Savage’s stocks are raising and the band is eager to get out there doing what they can do the best; to play live shows! 

Hope to see you soon at a venue close to you!

Gentle Savage is

Tornado Bearstone, vocals and guitar

Jay B, drums and backing vocals

Mark Mayfield, live session guitarist

Rhinocore, bass 

Theo van Boom, keyboards and backing vocals