Gentle Savage: Unleashing the Finnish Rock Phenomenon


Hailing from the picturesque landscapes of Finland, Gentle Savage is a powerhouse rock band

that has taken the music scene by storm. Founded in 2013, this charismatic ensemble has

crafted a distinctive sonic identity that seamlessly blends melodic rock with a touch of heavy

metal, creating an intoxicating musical experience that transcends boundaries.


The band’s journey began with a shared passion for music and a desire to break new ground in

the rock genre. Drawing inspiration from their rich Finnish heritage and the mystique of their

homeland, Gentle Savage embarked on a creative odyssey that would ultimately redefine

modern rock.


Gentle Savage’s music is a testament to their craftsmanship and innovation. Their melodies soar

with an ethereal beauty, carried by powerful vocals that resonate with raw emotion. Energetic

guitar riffs and thunderous rhythms provide a sturdy foundation, creating an irresistible groove

that leaves audiences exhilarated.


The band’s discography is a treasure trove of anthems that have struck a chord with fans

worldwide. Tracks like Karelian Magic, Far Side and Carry the Fire are showcasing

Gentle Savage’s ability to marry captivating storytelling with infectious hooks. Their music is a

sonic journey that transports listeners to distant realms, where dreams and reality entwine.


Over the years, Gentle Savage has earned critical acclaim and a dedicated fan base that spans

continents. Their electrifying live performances leave audiences in awe, cementing their

reputation as a must-see act in the rock circuit. From intimate venues to festival stages,

their charisma and stage presence are nothing short of mesmerizing.


As the world eagerly awaits each new release from Gentle Savage, the band continues to evolve,

pushing the boundaries of their craft and exploring new sonic landscapes. With their

unwavering dedication to the art of rock music, Gentle Savage is poised to leave an indelible

mark on the international music scene for years to come.


Gentle Savage invites you to join them on their musical journey, as they continue to captivate

hearts and minds with their one-of-a-kind sound. Experience the Finnish rock phenomenon that

is Gentle Savage and discover the magic within their music.


Gentle Savage is

Tornado Bearstone – vocals and guitar

Jay B – drums and backing vocals

Ben Zummerbender  – guitars and backing vocals

Larry Welder– bass and backing vocals 

Theo van Boom – keyboards and backing vocals