Music Videos

“YNAMW (You Never Ask Me Why) started out as a funny triplet feel guitar riff with sound effects of whipping and wicked screaming. The first idea was to write a song with the feel of a Clint Eastwood type of a Western movie. While being on a sick leave, vocalist Tornado Bearstone watched The Twilight Saga (accidentally of course). Somehow the idea of superhuman powers, beauty and eternal love appealed to Tornado’s state of mind and a modern Cowboy – Vampire character was born in his imagination. So you can say that the story of  You Never Ask Me Why was inspired by the movies.”

”Honey Bunny: the Rock’n Roll Transformation” is an analog animation music video. It takes you on a journey to the underworld. The main character, ’Mr. Bunny’, tumbles down a mysterious hole in the ground ending down to the Underworld. During his falling, he transforms from a regular rabbit into a two leg walking human like Rock’n Roller. Feeling a little dizzy in the head, Mr. Bunny starts his journey in the underworld. He ends up hanging with the bad ass ’Lady Bunny’ who teaches him some moves’n manners. In the end Mr. Bunny has a big decision to make….

Devil gets what he seeksRun Run Poor Boy’ tells a story about a young man who gets in trouble for his own deedsTo ‘let the demon inside your head’ is a metaphor for the use of free will and choosing wrongSo who’s to blame? The poor boyThe mobThe society? 


GENTLE SAVAGE’s first single ’Karelian Magic’, released in April 2019, turned out to be a fairly personal love song with a universal theme; every man that loves a woman knows what it feels like to be under her spell. ’Karelian Magic’ was released with a music video directed by Saku Petteri Perintö from Lumifilms. The video is a modern fast paced brain twister.


Far Side -the beginning of the end? “No Planet earth, no place to rock`n roll” From the EP “Introduction” 2017. Audio track (c) & (p) Gentle Savage Original skydiving video: Action Office: Skydiving Without Parachute – Antti Pendikainen

Gentle Savage’s first DIY music video. A slide show from the early days.